Assist. Prof. Jonathan Natanian

Personal picture

Dr. Jonathan Natanian is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, the Technion, and the head of EPDL – the Environmental Performance and Design Laboratory. He holds a master’s degree in Sustainable Environmental Design from the AA in London which he received after practicing as a senior architect for several years in Israel. Jonathan holds a PhD (summa cum laude) from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), where Jonathan developed computational workflows to explore the correlation between dense urban morphology and environmental performance in hot climates. At EPDL Jonathan investigates the boundary between environmental engineering and architectural design to establish a bridge between those disciplines in a cross-contextual, multi-scale and cross-disciplinary way.

Research interests:

  • Environmental quality driven urban design
  • Generative urban design
  • Zero energy buildings and districts
  • Performance-based design using digital tools
  • Environmental workspace design
  • Passive low carbon design strategies